Packaging Automation

Intermittent motion-cost effective solutions
Automated product loading
Line shaft driven equipment
Conveyor Equipment
Heat Sealing
Pressure Sealing
Hot Glue Processes
Ultrasonic Sealing
Custom Collation and Packaging solutions
Controls for Process Validation

Testing Automation

Mechanical Testing
Continuity Testing
In-line testing of Quality (within a custom production line)
Vision Inspection
Barcode Reading
Nondestructive Testing


Assembly Automation

Assist in design for automation of product components.
Intermittent Motion - cost effective solution
Conveyor Solutions
Indexing Motion - rotary, in-line
Parts Feeding and orientation
In-line testing
Vision Inspection
Part Verification
Controls for Validation

Due to our relationships with leading custom equipment manufacturers, it is also possible to integrate existing standard equipment into a custom, cost effective Integrated, Assembly, Test, and Packaging System.

Control Systems Integration

PLC Programming
Process Control
Machine Vision
Motion Control - Steppers and Servos

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