When this industry leader in high-performance composite parts needed a specialized oven to cure large carbon-fiber components for the aerospace industry, they turned to SA for the solution. The part required an oven 8 feet high, 10 feet wide, and 48 feet long with three removable walls and a removable roof to permit part installation and removal. The control system had to be programmable allowing for ramp-soak temperature profiles and having no more than 10°F variation in temperature throughout the oven. Additionally, the oven had to be fully operational and qualified within six weeks. SA’s technical expertise allowed these goals to be achieved. Fiber subsequently called on SA to design and build a sophisticated debulk oven:

Large Component Cure Oven
Composite Part Debulk Oven

"You responded to our technical, time, and budget requirements with a comphrehensive approach... then executed your plan and worked with diligence and professionalism to deliver as promised.

I will not hesitate to use you on future contracts and will gladly reccommend you for applicable work."

Stephen L. Goodwin
Vice President
Fiber Innovations, Inc.



  Audio Energy is the only US company authorized to package and distribute hearing aid, silver oxide (watch), and lithium (calculator, camera, pager, etc.) batteries manufacturered by the industry leaders Panasonic, Energizer and Rayovac. When they needed rapid development, fabrication, and implementation of new packaging machinery, Strategic Automation responded with efficient, cost effective solutions, delivered on time:

Automated Printing of Battery Packages
Bench-top Packaging System for Hearing Aid Batteries

"We've purchased equipment several times which has always been delivered in a timely, cost effective manner.  Currently, we are in the process of purchasing another machine which will be transformed into an automated process.

We have a good working relationship with the staff at Strategic Automation and would highly recommend them in the future.

Margaret M. Zullo
Audio Energy



  Sealed Air is a global leader in performance solutions for food, protective, and specialty packaging, with plants throughout the world. Sealed Air has repeatedly turned to SA to provide custom control systems for machinery used to produce packaging materials. SA utilized their expertise to identify the needs and concerns of this customer and developed a solution that met their requirements and production scale up timeline.

"Your company has met Sealed Air's expectations for engineering excellence and design by providing cost effective, quality solutions to our control needs. The electrical control and pneumatic panels designed and fabricated by your company are in use with Sealed Air's production machinery at various sites throughout the world.

I look forward to working with Strategic Automation on future projects and continuing a relationship based upon the exceptional services that you provide.

Nathan W. Ladley
Mechanical Design Engineer
Sealed Air Corporation



Primex is one of the largest custom plastic extruders in the United States and specializes in a variety of product types. As an industry leader with state of the art production and testing facilities, Primex has called on Strategic Automation's expertise for developing and integrating automation solutions for a variety of applications.



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