Introducing Robo-Logo™

     Strategic Automation's new Robo-Logo™ golf ball orienting machine introduces a revolutionary new method of producing custom logo golf balls, at 5 times the rate of a manual operator. The challenge in printing custom logos on golf balls is largely a matter of precision. Logos need to be precisely positioned in relation to other graphics or in a particular orientation on the ball. Traditionally, the industry relies on manual labor to accomplish this task. Not surprisingly, the process is slow and arduous. Operators are prone to fatigue and as a result, high reject rates. They also frequently suffer from repetitive motion injuries. The cost in labor and benefits to achieve a seemingly simple task have been surprisingly high.

     While many have tried, only one company offers an engineered solution that precisely positions a ball up to once every second. That is three times the throughput of manual operators. Each ball is placed with an accuracy of thirty-one thousandths of an inch (0.031"). In a finely tuned machine, reject rates are typically 1 in a 1000.



To see Robo-Logo™ in action, click the screen (2.4 MB) ----->

or download by right clicking and selecting "Save Target As..."

     To learn more about the Robo-Logo™ technology and its other applications, please contact us.

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